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Photographer specializing in alternative and experimental processes.

What initially drew me to photography as a chosen medium was its inherent dichotomy. There are always two forces at play in a photographic image, the subject matter and the physical image. I tend to think of it in terms of right brain versus left brain; on one side the abstract the ephemeral, on the other the mechanical the mathematic. Creating a conversation between these polar ends is what I strive to do in my imagery. 

In my work I have always been interested in exploring the human condition. In doing this however I strive to avoid direct human subjects, preferring to use symbolic surrogates. I have found great success in this in using skeletons. What better human stand in than that very underlying structure of the human. As subjects, skeletal figures allow me to introduce the human element without incorporating race, gender, age, or various other identifying elements that might distract from the message I wish to convey.

Currently living in the Pacific Northwest.