Human Obscura

This project began shortly after I converted to analog photography. Eventually I asked myself why I had completely forsaken digital means. They are after all just a tool used to convey concept. Additionally I had been using digital means to scan my negatives up to that point. I realized that there already was a marriage betwwen digital and analog means, though I sought to reverse it. These images have all been photographed digitally and constructed digitally. I then, through a means of projection, rephotographed the images onto instant film.

This approach allows me to employ surreal imagery that better allows me to explore these subject. Human Obscura Explores the human condidtion, each volume exploring another element. In this regard surrealism is integral in exploring these aspects we do not fully comprhend.

Volume l


Humankind has uniquely modefied it's environment unlike any other creature on this planet. Our constructed environments are so alien to the natural world but so integral for us. We are both part of our environment while also at odds with it. Through these images I juxtaposed the human form with its artificial trappings. The question here, is our environment part of us or have we become part of it?

Volume ll


A difficult subject to address visually due to its degree of abstraction. The psyche is both an immensly powerful force and a fragile object. I needed to capture both of these aspects. I wanted to recreate power and mysticism while also capturing anguish, frustration, being bound. I found the best way to do this was through a form of interpretive performance, creating a sequence of images rather than the typical series.

Volume lll

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