A photographic study

This series has been a gradual study for me spanning well over a year. My conceptual intent was driven upon the process of image making over image taking. The series started with on shoot, photographing an assortment of skulls supplied by Giant Nerd Books. Over the course of year I used these images as the source material for realizing concepts of photographic print making. While many many incarnations of the images were made I wanted to edit the body down into three volumes representing various concepts.


The idea from which the entire body was derived. My goal with this series was to address the reproducibility of the photographic image. Photography is typically seen as having a few degrees of seperation from the artist, with this group I wanted to eliminate that separation. Each image is gelatin silver print, hand made in the darkroom, and then further embellished by hand. 

In doing this I wanted to create pieces, photographically based but now something more. The subjects fade away from photographic representations and become part of an aesthetic presentation, formal elements in a composition.